Hi, I'm Amy Bates!

I own a professional cleaning business, have two kids, two dogs, a husband and a VERY busy lifestyle!  And let's face it...keeping the house clean with an on-the-move family and schedule can be challenging!

But guess what? We DON'T have to spend all of our free time cleaning! Our homes can be a place of sanctuary, not a constant to-do list of scrubbing! So, let's start a conversation, share cleaning ideas and tips, and make life easier for us all!

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- Amy at Don't Look Under The Rug®


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For some people cleaning comes easy, and for others....not so much! Either way, it doesn't have to take over your life! I am sharing some of my best cleaning tips, ideas and confessions to help make life easier!

Below are my featured videos but you can watch more on my YouTube and on my KOTV - News on 6 Monday morning weekly segment from 7:30-8 a.m.!



Featured Videos

How To Clean Oily Stains On Fabric
I'll show you how to use sugar, salt or (my favorite) cornstarch to absorb and remove oily stains on fabric! 

Easy Jewelry Hack For A Broken Necklace
This really comes in handy if you are traveling! Grab a paperclip and fix your necklace in 15 seconds! 

Clean The Shower Door Less Using Rain-X
My tips for keeping it clean longer with minimum effort, but maximum results!

How To Fix Carpet Dents Using Ice Water
No more pesky carpet dents! I I'll show you a quick way to easily remove them using ice water! 

Easily Clean Chocolate Stains
Did you drop a chocolate treat on your shirt? Get the stain out using a butter knife, water & enzyme detergent. 

How To Deep Clean Your Toilet
Here are my three levels of clean to follow for your toilet to get rid of mineral deposits!


Let's Talk!


I want to know your toughest cleaning questions, from basic to bizarre! Some may even make it into my next video, so be sure to check back or subscribe to my Youtube channel!