October Survival Kit From Don't Look Under The Rug

I hope your start to October is going well! This month's survival kit includes items I use constantly, when on the road, and in my home cleaning regiment. I would love to hear what your favorite items are this fall - Comment below! - #happycleaning, Amy


1. Essential Oils

I love to save a buck and ensure health by making some of my own cleaning products.  One downside?  The smell - or lack of scent.  Solution?  Essential oils. Our wonder woman former nanny and family friend Sarah Grace introduced me to doTERRRA essential oils. I love to diffuse them when I have a head cold but really enjoy mixing them to make great smelling and natural cleaning products.  Even Louie (the wonder beagle) loves them!  So while I don’t use them for every ailment (but don’t fault those who try!)  I do find myself grabbing my Lavender, Eucalypus, Peppermint, Melaleuca etc. far more often than I could have imagined.  Give them a shot! 

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2. Garment Groom-saves money on dry cleaning

I LOVE Murchison Hume products. They are natural, the product labels look great in the case you forget to put the bottles away, and most importantly, they work!  But I particularly love Garment Groom. I am prone to spilling and forgetting to put the dry cleaning out for pick up. So what does this little miracle product do?  It can be used as a pre treating spray, a spot spray (yes, I tend to spill at lunch!), and it can extend the period between dry cleanings. Simply mist the whole garment, take a white lint free cloth and wipe the item, and let it dry. Feel free to spot treat any spills at the same time. After it dries, your clothing item will smell fresher and be fresher!  Voila!!!

3. Sennheiser Noise CANCELING Headphones
(with talk through!)

Somehow I have ended up traveling far more frequently over the last few years.  Since the novelty of flying left me long ago, I like to take the window seat and have some time alone. Does this work?  Not so well…Always a fan of earbuds, I found myself constantly taking out my earbud to answer the flight attendant or reply to a stranger's question.  So I tried watching movies or reading and came across the same problem.  So what is a girl to do?  Buy jumbo over ear noise canceling headphones.  Are they pricy?  Yes.  But I bought a great set from Sennheiser with amazing sound in order to ensure they would last for the next few years.  But getting them on the head without leaving a girl with horrid hair is a challenge.  So here is the solution: a talk through button! I can simply press a button and hear anyone speaking to me without removing the earphones.  Large enough to serve as a deterrent but thoughtful enough to be useful. I love them.

4. Clarisonic - happy skin

Once my teenage years were over I was so excited at the prospect of the nice, lovely, smooth, pimple free skin..  As I entered my twenties, my dream was mostly true.  Life was good with the exception of the occasional hormonal challenge.  But then came my late thirties and early… wait, let’s go back to thirties!  Lack of time and once again hormones, left me with more frequent breakouts, blackheads, and uneven skin tone. So during a much needed facial, my aesthetician suggested the Clarisonic. The awesome brush vibrates the dirt out of my pores, increases circulation, and leaves me with far better skin.  Now if I had only had this tool during my awkward teenaged years (lol)!

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