How To Fix A Slow Draining, Poorly Rinsing Dishwasher

Around the holidays, I find myself double checking my dishes for dried on food before I hand them to guests. If you wonder why your dishwasher is leaving your dishes less than spotless or you have standing water in the bottom of the tub, try this tip before calling the repairman. It may save you a few dollars... and the embarrassment of stuck on food!

I hope you enjoyed this quick cleaning tip for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays! #happycleaning - Amy Bates

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How To Clean Coffee Stains and Fork Marks On Fine China

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. My Mom, aka "The Mother Bear", carried her beloved china back in her steamer trunk after teaching a year in Germany. Since I am the trusted keeper of her dishes, I know she is inspecting it during turkey dinner at my home. How do I keep it looking fantastic? Watch my latest cleaning tip below!

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#happycleaning, Amy Bates!

News on 6: Cleaning Dirty Coffee Pots in a Jiffy

As I write this, I am finishing up a glorious cup of french press coffee. I admit, I make multiple batches of coffee throughout the day. With all that use, my coffee carafe can get stained and dirty from the coffee ground overload. However, if your coffee carafe is insulated, you can't simply put it in the dishwasher to get it clean. However, there is a natural way to get it clean safely! So I checked-in with my friends at News on 6 in Tulsa this week with a quick tip to help keep those overworked coffee pots ready for the next brew!

What yoU need:

  • Fresh lemon
  • Sea salt or kosher salt
  • Water
  • Crushed ice 

How To Clean A Stained Coffee Pot (without vinegar)

Are you a coffee lover?
Do you hate having a dirty coffee or tea pot but don't want to wash the carafe in the dishwasher (who can part without it for so long!)? 

Try this quick and easy tip and say goodbye to using a coffee-stained pot... without using vinegar!

#happycleaning, Amy Bates