How to Quickly and Easily Clean Baseboards

Of all the items in my house, baseboards feel like a never ending battle. And, most definitely one of my biggest housecleaning challenges. It seems to be one of the areas that I tend to see my guest's eyes glance towards when they enter a room. Could they be admiring my beautiful wood floor finish? Are they glancing down to search for my beloved pets? Well, I wish those were the circumstances. But I know the truth. I own a cleaning service company, and my guests are really inspecting my team's handiwork. Truth is, I often take my house off the schedule. So that means one thing.... I am scrambling to tidy up every time I know that doorbell is going to ring. My son, Adam, has a friend coming over Saturday morning? No problem! It simply means the area six feet inside the front door needs my immediate attention. How do I get that area ready for inspection? I will let you in on one of my favorite easy DIY cleaning tips:

DRYER SHEETS. Yes, they are the best little baseboard cleaners on earth! Sure, you could grab a microfiber or treated dust cloth. But if you use Snuggle or Downy sheets, keep the used ones after you finish the laundry. Don't throw those lovely things in the trash, repurpose those babies! They make some of the greatest smelling dust clothes imaginable. Dusting baseboards is a great easy chore for kids, and they love earning the extra money if you pay for chores. Even better, incorporate it into a regular task as a part of their allowance or simple household chores. Bonus: the sweet-smelling waxy coating is a magnet for pet hair and dust and will freshen your room and make the work more enjoyable!  I just love easy cleaning tips that use what I already have on hand!

There are areas and times where you will need to wash your baseboards. I love mixing up a bucket of hot water with a bit of all-purpose cleaner and a squirt of Dawn dish soap. You can even add a small splash of lemon oil to the mix, but watch it, if you have flat paint. On occasion, I use a mixture hot water and Murphy's Oil soap. Either DIY solution will get the job done. For reference, I tend to hit each room, at least, every six months, and the rest of the year it is dryer sheets. Easy Cleaning Helpful Hint: Keep a moistened magic eraser with you as you clean to help remove scuffs from your painted walls.


Here are the key areas that need your attention first:

1. Areas near doors into your home. Whether patio doors, garage doors, or the all important front door, keep them clean.

2. Bathroom baseboards. These are a must clean...especially around the toilet. The truth is, this zone may take a bit more love. Grab a magic eraser for the wall around the stool, please don't forget the area behind the toilet, and next to it. In fact, while you are there, wipe the base of the stool down. Trust me, it needs it!

3. Laundry room: Lint. Enough said.

And there you have it! While running around with a laundry basket to hide clutter from last minute guests, I always have a dryer sheet in hand. Now you know one of my super secrets. Welcome to the inner circle, you have virtually looked under the rug in the Bates house! #happycleaning