Cleaning Tips For Fighting The Flu At Home

Oh my gosh! The flu season is here and after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is time for some cleaning tips to use after all the guests have left!

So just a little reminder about how the flu is spread (Thank you WebMD):

Basically anytime you are in large groups and someone has the flu virus, you are at major risk to get the flu yourself. Think daycare facilities, workplace, college dorms and your own home! When you inhale droplets in the air that contain the flu virus or handle something a person contaminated with the flu has touched, you could be on your way to suffering the effects. No fun. 

What to do?

WASH YOUR HANDS - like your mother or grandmother always told you - and in the event you do get sick - STAY HOME (obvious)! But while you (or a loved one) is on the mend at home, make sure to use these cleaning tips to keep the icky flu virus from spreading or accidentally recontaminating yourself:

Areas to remember to clean when you have the flu:

  • Pillows, sheets and other bedding
  • Toothbrushes
  • Fridge handles, door knobs (pretty much all door knobs)
  • Light switches
  • Cell phone screens
  • Remote control
  • Counters (especially where you cook or are performing personal hygiene)
  • The cabinets where you keep the drink ware
  • Stove top (any area where you are putting food in mouth)