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How To Clean Up Now That The Holidays Are Over - Today Show Cleaning Tips


If you follow me online, you will know I recently was on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! It was an amazing experience, and I absolutely loved sharing quick cleaning tricks to help viewers clean up after guests. The whole trip was a whirlwind filled with friends, laughs, a little bit of nerves, and of course...some amazing cleaning tips! 


Now for the behind the scenes of my trip to the Today Show:

I definitely want to send out a mega huge THANKS to Merry Maids for the opportunity to represent them. Plus, my great friend Kim was so much fun while she dashed around New York City with me! We have been friends for many years and she was sweet enough to take off a bit of time from her job to help keep me sane (let's just say, I am not use to the hustle and bustle of NYC)!

When I arrived, we met and went for a delicious dinner of Peking Duck at a awesome little place called Decoy.  It was simply amazing, and rightfully so, because I found out later that Decoy's Perking Duck was ranked #1 out of 10 Top NYC Restaurants by GQ's Alan Richman!  I LOVE Peking duck, and so I was glad she made a reservation! 

Trying to procure all of the props and stain them for the Today Show segment was not easy. I am grateful the Merry Maid's home office team member helped shop and stain things for me!  Even the candles had to be burned down. The cooking segment before mine had Kathie Lee Gifford giving a sample of the choco-covered banana to a guest.  Right before I went live (live taped), the producer saw that he had disposed of his banana in my coffee cup and used my clean cleaning cloth to wipe his face! This all worked out perfectly, because the stained and dirty dishes actually looked like stained and dirty dishes!!

As I waited in the green room, my tummy was growling SO loudly I was terrified the microphone was going to pick up the sound! But I was a little distracted at least because I saw Carmen Elektra and Rachel Patton in the green room!

When I got on set Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda are nothing short of hilarious and sweet.  They immediately made me feel comfortable and were so fun to work with on set!  I just wished I could have completed all of the cleaning tips, as promised. I've done television segments many times in the past, and it never seems like you have enough time. But then again, I guess time flies when you are having fun! 

Traveling during this trip was a little challenging.  I never, EVER, leave anything behind...until now! I started off the night before my segment by leaving my phone in a cab! Thank goodness it was delivered back to me at the hotel! Thank you, honest cabbie! There was construction next door to my room. Thankfully the hotel staff moved me, but I left my nightgown in the room, and it was never seen again.  Then, I realized I left my beloved hair dryer in the hotel when I headed back to Tulsa! Next time, I will keep my travel packing cubes perfectly and double check the room.  

As a joke, when I travel I look for items people leave behind in hotel rooms - like socks or random shoes. No luck this time (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)! My room at the Hilton was very clean, and staff was awesome. But, they likely are laughing at me now, because I AM THE ONE WHO LEFT SO MUCH BEHIND!

How To Clean Coffee Stains and Fork Marks On Fine China

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. My Mom, aka "The Mother Bear", carried her beloved china back in her steamer trunk after teaching a year in Germany. Since I am the trusted keeper of her dishes, I know she is inspecting it during turkey dinner at my home. How do I keep it looking fantastic? Watch my latest cleaning tip below!

Feel free to share your favorite holiday hint... or ask me questions in the comment area at the bottom!

#happycleaning, Amy Bates!