Freshen Up Fabric Using Ingredients From Summer Cocktails

To battle the summer sweat, one of my favorite things to do is to get my friends together for some sweet, refreshing summer cocktails! Gin, vodka, rum, and bourbon are just a few of the spirits you can mix-in with fresh herbs and fruit to make your favorite summer cocktail. However, here’s the thing: I may be a cleaning guru, but an expert mixologist, I am not! Throughout the summer season, I like to explore the internet for new (and familiar with a twist) summer cocktail recipes to try. Here are the results from my latest search this week:

Oh Sh#% Tip: Removing Pen Marks From Clothing

Here is another one of my "Oh Sh#%" tips! Have you ever been sitting at work in a favorite shirt or blouse and suddenly realize you have ink on your sleeve? Or perhaps you have caught your kids writing on your car's upholstery?

What do you do?

You grab something you already have on hand! Follow these quick and easy instructions and be back to looking fabulous in no time at all!

#happycleaning, Amy Bates